Join the Hunt for “Dairy Everywhere” Contest

During June Dairy Month, you’re invited to participate in our “Dairy Everywhere” visual scavenger hunt. We’ve selected some publicly displayed artistic interpretations of dairy cows and farming that you can peruse below. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to identify the locations of as many of them as you can find.

This might take some sleuthing. Some can be found easily, while others may take some effort or teamwork. All are publicly accessible and most can also be found online. We’ll award extra credit for submissions of your original photos of sites in Oregon showing additional public displays of dairy-themed murals, paintings or sculptures. We might even add it to this page.

Submit your guesses below before July 1. Those who have the most correct with the specific locations will be entered to win an “Undeniably Dairy” prize package.* After a winner is selected, all locations will be added to this post.

Are you ready? Here we go …


Good luck! And if you find more examples to add to this list, be sure to send them to us at!