From T-shirts to ice cream, cows are nature’s recyclers

Ever wonder what cows like to snack on when they aren’t grazing on grass? You might be surprised to learn that one of their favorite treats are… cotton seeds!

After processing cotton into fabric for the clothes we wear, manufacturers have a lot of seeds left over. Instead of throwing this otherwise unusable material in a landfill, our cow friends use their multiple stomachs to break down these high protein, high fiber morsels into healthy energy!

So when you’re drinking a glass of milk this Earth day, you can feel good knowing that, although we might not have as many stomachs for eating more pizza or ice cream, our cows can use theirs to provide the protein-packed foods we love, while also keeping our planet clean! 

Want to learn more about how your favorite dairy products are helping the environment?

Check out this video with Oregon Dairy farmer Derrick Josi and animal nutritionist John Rosecrantz:


Roop Kaur is a Dietetic Intern with Oregon State University who has worked with ONDC. She plans on working in food service operations to reduce waste and cultivate joy using food.