Child Nutrition Culinary Workshop – Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner

Welcome to our virtual culinary webinar series with Chef Jessica!  Sponsored by ODE and ODNC, school and child nutrition professionals across Oregon are invited to watch or cook along with Jessica as she prepares easy, tasty and fun recipes that meet Child Nutrition Program guidelines.

Check out the recording of the Virtual Culinary Training-Winner, Winner, USDA Chicken Dinner provided by ODE Child Nutrition Programs and ODNC. Learn tasty, easy and efficient ways to use chicken for your nutrition programs to keep menus interesting and varied for students. The participant handout includes credited recipes and lots of ideas for global flavors.

Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner / August Culinary Workshop is provided by ODE and ODNC:

Check out photos of our recipes from the workshop:

Click this link to download the Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner Handout, including recipes:

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

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Statewide culinary trainings and this event are sponsored by the Oregon Dairy and Nutrition Council and the Oregon Department of Education, Child Nutrition Services. Questions? Please contact Crista Hawkins: