Make your Holidays Merry & Bright with Fermented Dairy Foods

The Holiday season is right around the corner, and for many, that means festive gatherings, delicious meals, and chilly adventures in the cold. However, for some, the feeling of joy from enjoying sweet treats and hefty holiday dishes can quickly turn to discomfort from bloating, gas, or even nausea.  

What’s more is that our mental and emotional health might be challenged during this time of year as well; whether through stress, anxiety, or from the all-too-common side effect of seasonal winter blues. If the holidays tend to make you feel drear instead of cheer, then liven up your season with the Live & Active cultures of Fermented Dairy foods! 

Fermented Dairy products are those that contain helpful bacteria cultures, called probiotics. These foods can have a big impact on your well-being, including improving digestive health and even boosting your mood. Here are some of our favorite choices: 

  • Any type of yogurt – including regular, light varieties, Greek, Icelandic Skyr, or even Aussie-style
  • Kefir – A drinkable yogurt beverage
  • Lassi – A traditional Indian yogurt beverage, often mixed with fruit 
  • Cultured Cheese 
  • Cultured buttermilk
  • Cultured cottage cheese

You should still be able to enjoy your favorite foods during the holidays without uncomfortable bloating or gas, and your diet can play a role in prevention. Probiotics in fermented dairy foods can help balance the healthy bacteria in your gut and improve digestive health in a number of ways: 

  • Helping with the digestion of dietary fiber from foods like fruits, vegetables, grains, and beans
  • Aiding in the absorption of water and other nutrients  
  • Easing symptoms of diarrhea and constipation 
  • Maintaining a “gut barrier” that keeps out harmful bacteria that can cause digestive issues
  • Breaking down lactose for those who might be sensitive 

The holidays can be a stressful time for some, with busy schedules and seasonal changes in mood challenging our emotional health. Thankfully, there is promising evidence to support that certain probiotics in fermented dairy foods may have helpful benefits in supporting mental wellness. Some of their mood-boosting benefits include: 

  • Reducing symptoms of anxiety 
  • Improving symptoms of depression 
  • Lowering levels of certain substances in the body that promote inflammation and affect our mood

Liven up Your Favorite Recipes (or try new ones!) with Live & Active Cultures 

Whether you’re in charge of bringing a savory or sweet side dish to a family gathering, or just want to explore delicious new ways to make your favorite recipes – you can give yourself a probiotic-boost with fermented dairy products. This holiday season, try some of our favorite probiotic-packed recipes: 

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