Fuel Up to Play 60 Homeroom

Check out the Fuel Up to Play 60’s Homeroom to learn more about how you can contribute to a world that’s good for you, good for the planet and good for communities!

Check out updated resources in your school district for free school meals for kids ages 1-18.


Try wakeboarding with chocolate milk like @NateKazemier!

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We’re putting dairy on the map!
With Oregon Agriculture in the Classroom’s interactive “Grown in Oregon” map, you can see where your milk and dairy foods like cheese, yogurt and ice cream are made, as well as 30 other locally-grown foods.

Jobs in Agriculture

There are many exciting career choices available in agriculture. Some are obvious, but there are others you may have never thought of before. Take a look at these jobs and think about which ones interest you the most.

Here are some tasty treats that are good and good for you

Oregon Ag in the Classroom

Oregon Agriculture in the Classroom Literacy Project

In this free program, a volunteer will come to your classroom to do a reading and hands-on lesson that meets Oregon standards.
AITC also has a lending library with ag and dairy focused books.

Oregon Dairy Princess Ambassadors

Through classroom presentations and public events, state and county Dairy Princess-Ambassadors provide interesting insights and information about dairy farming and dairy products.

Ag Fest Logo

Oregon Ag Fest

Kids enjoy this two-day event, aimed at helping families better understand where their food, fiber and flora come from. It is a unique learning experience, where hands-on exhibits make learning about Oregon’s vast agricultural industry educational and entertaining.