Oregon Ice Cream Trail

Welcome to the online trailhead for the Oregon Ice Cream Trail!

During National Ice Cream Month in July 2018, we started with an assortment of 10 landmark ice cream shops, and then we “crowdsourced” the trail to include fan favorites in locations throughout the state. The result? You can now choose your own ice cream adventure to include up to 55 stops clustered within seven geographic regions.

The Oregon Ice Cream Trail includes all varieties of scoop and soft serve ice cream, custard, gelato and even frozen yogurt – all made in Oregon. Between the great quality, variety of flavors and unique stops along the way, you’ll see why we say Oregon is the #1 ice cream state.

Check out our Google map highlighting ice cream shops all over Oregon.

And don’t forget to tell us all about your favorite ice cream! Visit us on Instagram and tag us at #ORicecreamtrail.

That’s the scoop! If you have any updates for the Oregon Ice Cream Trail, please email us at info@odncouncil.org.

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