The holidays are here and there’s never been a better time to gather together and bring the taste of dairy into those special moments of your life! Whether sharing a slice of Heather Arndt Anderson’s White Christmas Pie or finding the perfect wine and cheese pairing with Plating and Pairing’s Oregon Artisanal Cheese and Sparkling Wine Pairing Guide, dairy has been an essential part of daily life for generations. We’re excited to highlight a few of our favorite recipes for you!

You’ll find healthy and indulgent recipes featuring local and sustainably-made dairy products that create the distinctive taste that keeps everyone coming back for more. Check out more recipes and recipe videos on our Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest pages. We can’t wait to hear which recipes are your new favorites!

Carrot Spice Ginger Snacking Cake
Matcha Ginger Green Smoothie

Rosemary Bread Wreath with Garlic Cream Cheese Dip

Buffalo Chicken Sliders with Blue Cheese-Celery Slaw
Hazelnut-Apple Eggnog Cocktail
Mediterranean Chicken Skewers with Creamy Tzatziki Dip
Roasted Acorn Squash with Yogurt, Pecans and Browned Butter

“First Blush” Pink Peppercorn-Cherry
Creme Brûlée

Oregon Sparkling Wine and Cheese Pairings
Caramelized Fig Semifreddo 
Cinnabon Copycat Cinnamon Rolls 
Creamy Kale Gratin
Orange Snap Cookie Cups with Citrus-Spiced Wassail Whipped Cream
Peppermint Bark Martini
Bourbon Caramel Pecan Bars
Cranberry-Orange Spice Cookies
White Christmas Pie
Cauliflower-White Cheddar Chowder 
Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies
Peppermint Sandwich Cookies
Strawberry Smoothie

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