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Winter is coming! Boost your immune system with tasty dairy foods.

A-CHOO! Chances are that if you’re hearing that familiar sound more often, then it’s flu season, and your immune health is likely top-of-mind. While supporting your immune system year-round is ideal, it is especially important during winter, when cold and influenza activity increases. Additionally, the possibility of new emerging variants of COVID-19 only exemplifies the need to keep our immunity

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Oregon School Nutrition Professionals join ODNC for Salem tour

Last week, Oregon school nutrition professionals from 14 school districts joined us for a tour highlighting several agricultural producers in the Salem area. The tour was organized as part of the Oregon School Nutrition Association’s (OSNA) annual convention and provided participants with opportunities to learn about various aspects of Oregon agriculture, including specific foods such as milk, cheese, and fruits

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The Melt Down is back!

Sponsored by Yamhill County Action Project, The Melt Down raises funds for it’s food bank with the help of an incredible line up of grilled cheese sandwiches you can purchase at over 35 restaurants in Yamhill County. With sandwich names like “The “Cheezenator” and “Gouda for the Soul” we know they’re going to be good! Eat your heart out and

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