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The Melt Down is back!

Sponsored by Yamhill County Action Project, The Melt Down raises funds for it’s food bank with the help of an incredible line up of grilled cheese sandwiches you can purchase at over 35 restaurants in Yamhill County. With sandwich names like “The “Cheezenator” and “Gouda for the Soul” we know they’re going to be good! Eat your heart out and

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Fighting Hunger, One Grilled Cheese Sandwich at a Time

There are plenty of reasons to love February. Sure, there’s Valentine’s Day and Oregon’s birthday for becoming a state, but have you heard of the month-long effort to fight hunger known as “The Melt Down?” If you like grilled cheese sandwiches, you’ll love what you’re about to read. During the entire month of February, 20 restaurants in Amity, Carlton, Dayton,

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