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On Your Mark, Get Set, Build Boats!

2018 Royal Rosarians Milk Carton Boat Race

Sunday, June 24, 11 a.m., Westmoreland Park Casting Pond

With the 2018 Milk Carton Boat Race only two months away, this year’s flotilla of boats is already beginning to take shape. It’s not too late to enter. Registration is open, and the event is 100% free to participate and attend.

The Milk Carton Boat Race features large, hand-made, human-powered boats that float entirely by means of recycled milk cartons and jugs. This year’s event will welcome boaters back to the historic Westmoreland Park Casting Pond on Sunday, June 24.

A Rose Festival tradition dating back to 1973, the Milk Carton Boat Race has included boats of all shapes, sizes and styles. There have been boats struggling to stray afloat with just one rider and a boat that easily held eight people. You see boats built for speed and showboats that are just on the water for style points.

Each milk jug will support eight pounds and each half-gallon carton will support four pounds. With large teams, that can take a lot of empties. Thanks to our friends at Kroger Swan Island Dairy and Darigold, a limited supply of boat “starter kits” helped give teams a head start.

The Milk Carton Boat Race is produced by the Royal Rosarians and presented by the Oregon Dairy and Nutrition Council. Participants who choose not to keep their boats for future years will be encouraged to dismantle and recycle them at their home.


The Royal Rosarians Milk Carton Boat Race (information and registration)


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Recent articles have also covered the DASH Diet, solar panels and milk as Oregon’s official state beverage. Stay tuned, because we have more interesting and exciting stories coming your way in 2018. If you have a burning question or a topic you’d like to see us cover, just let us know.

Two Great Ways You Can Enjoy the Milk Carton Boat Race

June 25, 2017
11:00 am activities begin (boat check-in opens at 9:30 am)
Westmoreland Park Casting Pond – SE McLoughlin Blvd and Bybee Blvd

At the Royal Rosarians’ Milk Carton Boat Race, teams and individuals race each other across a pond floating atop empty milk jugs and cartons. It’s a unique Portland Rose Festival tradition dating back to 1973. You have to see it to believe it – and you’re invited to do just that.

Here are two ways for you to be a part of this year’s party on the pond:


It is 100% free to register as a participant in the Milk Carton Boat Race. Here are five simple steps to join the race:

1. Read the Race Information and Rules.

2. Give your boat a name and Register Online.

3. Design and build your boat. Watch this video for some helpful tips. Keep in mind that a one gallon jug
supports 8 lbs., a half-gallon supports 4 lbs., and a one-quart paper carton floats 2 lbs.

4. Have all boat riders sign a Waiver.

5. On race day bring your boat, waivers, life jackets and enthusiasm. Check in and boat inspection opens at 9:30 am. Onsite registration is also available from 9:30-10:30 am.

There are multiple divisions for teams and individuals, and children as young as 7 years old can participate. No experience is needed, and every year there have been first-timers. The pond is relatively shallow, and volunteers from the Sea Scouts will be present to help ensure water safety.


While it’s a lot of fun to participate in the races, it can also be a lot of fun to watch. There’s no cost to attend the event and cheer on your favorite boats and racers. There will be food available for purchase, as well as samples and giveaways.

Seating around the park is first-come, first-served, and you can bring chairs or blankets to make yourself comfortable. Don’t forget your sunglasses and sunscreen!

The Milk Carton Boat Race is produced by the Royal Rosarians, sanctioned by the Portland Rose Festival and sponsored by the Oregon Dairy and Nutrition Council.

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21 Creative Ways to Upcycle Your Milk Jugs and Cartons

On America Recycles Day, which is observed on November 15, we started thinking about what to do with all those milk jugs and cartons after they’re empty. Of course you can simply wash them out and deposit them in a recycling bin or at a recycling center. But you can also upcycle, or create a new use for your empty jugs and cartons, with some of these fun and useful possibilities:


c6a49a lanterns, what a bright idea
c6a49a indoor chandeliers
c6a49a outdoor chandeliers

watering-jug-300WATERING JUG
cff09e_jug keep your plants happy and well watered with this easy project

3b8686 use empty jugs to upcycle food scraps into compost

7c7877 here’s one of many ways to turn your used jug into a handy scoop

sow your seeds

9dc3c1 grow an herb garden
9dc3c1 start a mini greenhouse

eb9f9f functional
eb9f9f fashionable, this is for the birds … literally

supplies-caddy_300SUPPLIES CADDY
aacd6d here’s a helpful little caddy for your school, desk or craft supplies

c6a49a play a game of catch with yourself
c6a49a or with a friend

3b8686 start saving money by making a piggy bank instead of buying one

7c7877 explore your crafty side with fun projects like this igloo
7c7877 a storm trooper helmet
7c7877 a skeleton
7c7877 or a gift basket


3b8686c ‘tis the season to make some fun gingerbread houses

aacd6cc freezing your own ice blocks is very cool, indeed

make yourself a mini box garden

7c7877c it’s a house and feeder – one stop shopping for birds

whether as a stylish vase
or centerpiece, who knew old milk cartons could look this good?

keep these paint pots in mind for your home improvement project or your kid’s next masterpiece

3b8686c cut the cartons, then cut the clutter with these handy holders

if you can make wallets out of duct tape, why not milk carton wallets?

eb9f9fc have some fun making these toys, from trucks
eb9f9fc to building blocks

7c7877c this bright idea upcycles cartons and crayons into candles

Last but not least, here’s one bonus idea that can utilize milk cartons, jugs or both. Start collecting cartons and jugs now to participate in the 2017 Royal Rosarians Milk Carton Boat Race on June 25. Each jug supports approximately 8 pounds, while sealed cartons support 4 pounds. Here’s a short video showing how to build your own boat.

NOTE: The links in this article are shared for informational purposes only and are not affiliated with the Oregon Dairy and Nutrition Council.