From award-winning cheeses to memorable ice cream flavors to rich, creamy butter… Nothing beats the taste of foods made with fresh Oregon milk.  

Together, we’re invested in our future.

Dairy farmers take their responsibility to the environment seriously because they live, work in, and are part of the communities that they farm. They’re passionate about protecting the environment, just like you.

Dairy farms across the U.S. have come a long way in reducing their carbon footprint over the last 70 years. But they’re not stopping there. Oregon dairy farmers are committed to going carbon neutral by 2050. Read more here.

Take a look at how one forward-thinking Oregon dairy farm is going carbon neutral and giving energy back to the grid.

From your local food cart to a downtown five star restaurant, dairy products made in Oregon inspire vibrant, mouth-watering dishes that you’ll find across our state and around the world. Visit our recipe page to bring some of our favorites to your table!

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