In schools and communities throughout Oregon, the Oregon Dairy and Nutrition Council and its many partners are actively involved with supporting quality education, active lifestyles and healthy communities. The Council administers grants for equipment and activities, partners on award and recognition programs and manages health and wellness programs. Reach out to us to find out how we’re supporting your schools and local community.

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Looking to support health and wellness at your school? Funding is available for healthy eating and physical activity initiatives for Oregon schools. Apply today for Fuel Up to Play 60 grants of up to $4,000 per school.  April to June


futp60_rgbWelcome! Over 725 schools in Oregon and 73,000 schools nationwide have joined Fuel Up to Play 60. Fuel Up to Play 60 is a fun, free, school-wide wellness program that encourages youth empowerment and leadership to promote healthy eating and physical activity initiatives.  Oregon schools benefit from grant funding opportunities. Website

We are your local Oregon team-here to support your school nutrition programs and wellness efforts.

Crista HawkinsCrista Hawkins, RDN, LD
Sr. Director of Youth Wellness
Direct: 971-673-2725

Anthony Newman Invites Kids to Enjoy Free Summer Meals

Breakfast Powers Up Your Morning
by Kendra Sides, Oregon Health & Science University Dietetic Intern

We know students do better in school when they eat breakfast. Barriers, such as time, not being hungry or wanting to socialize or play outside can prevent students from eating breakfast. Check out this short video and show it to students in your classroom, cafeteria or at an assembly. Eating breakfast at school is easy and fun!

Rediscover Your School Cafeteria
by Kendra Sides, Oregon Health & Science University Dietetic Intern

Teachers and administrators, when was the last time you ate lunch from your school’s cafeteria? Schools have been working hard to make their meals nutritious and tasty. PLUS … eating meals from your school’s cafeteria makes you a healthy role model for students. Watch this video for more reasons to eat at school!


We are pleased to announce that applications for the Oregon School Wellness Award and the brand new, Afterschool Wellness Award are now open! Complete applications and materials must be submitted by also January 31, 2020.

The Oregon School Wellness Award, now in its 13th year, celebrates the wonderful work schools are doing to achieve a culture of health within their school environment and community.  Two schools will be awarded the 2020 Oregon School Wellness Award and receive $2,500 to further wellness efforts, statewide recognition, and a banner and plaque for their school.

The Oregon Afterschool Wellness Award highlights the connection between school and afterschool programs, and the promotion and implementation of wellness activities. Two Afterschool Programs will be awarded the Oregon Afterschool Wellness award and receive $1,000 to further wellness efforts, statewide recognition and a banner and plaque for their program.

The School Wellness Awards are a partnership between the Oregon Department of Education, the Nutrition Council of Oregon, and the Oregon Dairy and Nutrition Council who provides financial sponsorship.

To complete an Applications and learn more about the awards, go to the Oregon Wellness Awards webpage.

2019 School Wellness Award Winners
Wilson Elementary School, Corvallis School District
Jason Lee Elementary School, Portland Public School District


FUTP60 Cooler Front with Dispensing LidPower up your team with delicious, nutritious milk. Apply now for a free cooler and travel cart that holds 50 cartons. Must be a Fuel Up to Play 60 school to apply. We can help you with this step! Contact us.


cheese-tool-kitWe are offering to ship the Oregon Harvest Cheese Poster for your schools at no charge. In the future, these posters will be available to download with the other posters and toolkits on the Oregon Department of Education’s Oregon Harvest for Schools website.

Oregon School District Nutrition Directors [order here]

pizza_recipes_food_service_detailAs an added bonus, check out the delicious pizza recipes for your school nutrition programs created by Executive Chef Jason Morse. They use whole grain dough and many local foods, specifically for schools. The home version is also available to share with families — a great way to involve students and foster school/home connections to support wellness. You will receive printed copies of these recipes in protective sleeves for your schools along with posters. In the meantime, both versions are available here.

action-for-healthy-kids_nationalAction for Healthy Kids is the nation’s leading nonprofit and largest volunteer network fighting childhood obesity and undernourishment by partnering with schools to improve nutrition and physical activity to help our kids learn to eat right, be active every day, and be ready to learn.

The Oregon Action for Healthy Kids Team is looking to engage new members that can help the Team continue to do great work in Oregon. Oregon team webpage